Mettle Meet - Over the years

Mettle Meet a quiz initiative was launched by Odisha’s only homegrown English daily Orissa POST in 2016. It was done to revive theart of quizzing inthe state. Mettle Meet 2019 will be the fourth edition of the event which has grown manifold in the last three years.

Since its inception, Mettle Meet has created a huge buzz across Odisha and today it is an event that the students eagerly wait for. The high standards of quizzing, the fervour of the competition makes it astandout event among the students of Odisha. It is a competition where knowledge is not the only criteria, but knowledge combined with common sense is.

In the year 2016

In the inaugural year 18 educational institutions took part. Theteams were divided into three groups. There were three preliminary rounds with the top two from each group qualifying for the final. The institutions who qualified for the title round were College of Engineering and Technology (CET, Bhubaneswar), Ravenshaw Junior College( Cuttack), Utkal University (Bhubaneswar), SCB Medical College (Cuttack), SAI International School (Bhubaneswar) and KIIT University (Bhubaneswar). After a nail-biting contest, CET with 83 points emerged winners in the inaugural year. KIIT University was the first runners-up with 76 points while Ravenshaw Junior College finished as 2nd runners-up with 72 points.

In the year 2017

The popularity of Mettle Meet grew manifold in a year and henceit became a two-day event. The number of institutions went up to 45.Some of these institutions sent two teams of four members each andhence there were 70 teams vying for top honours. The teams weredivided into two categories –Juniors till class XII and Seniors pursuing plus-3, medical, engineering, management and other courses. The prelims were conducted on the first day in written format witheach team answering 40 questions. The top eight teams of thetwosegments qualified for the Grand Finals.

Teams who qualified for the Junior Finals were DAV (CDA, Cuttack), SAI International School (Bhubaneswar), Ravenshaw Junior College (Cuttack), St Joseph’s High School (Bhubaneswar), KIIT InternationalSchool (Bhubaneswar), DAV (Pokhariput), Sainik School (Bhubaneswar) and Loyola School (Bhubaneswar).

Teams which qualified for the Senior Finals were KIIT University (Bhubaneswar), NIT (Rourkela), CET (Bhubaneswar), SCB MedicalCollege (Cuttack), VSSUT (Burla), AIIMS (Bhubaneswar) and Silicon Institute of Technology (Bhubaneswar).

In the junior segment SAI International School, Ravenshaw Junior College and St Joseph’s High School emerged as champions, 1st runners-up and 2nd runners-up respectively.

In the senior segment debutant NIT (Rourkela) took top honours followed by AIIMS and KIIT University who finished as 1st and 2ndrunners-up.

In the year 2018

This year saw educational institutions from across all districts ofOdisha converging on Bhubaneswar to take part in the quiz event. The number of participating institutions grew to 68. Like in 2017, thecompetition was conducted in two categories – the Junior and Senior segments. Keen competition was witnessed in the preliminary roundswith the top eight teams qualifying for the Grand Finals

The teams who qualified for the Junior Finals were Mother’s PublicSchool (Bhubaneswar), DAV (CDA, Cuttack), DAV (Pokhariput), DAV (Rourkela), Blessed Sacrament High School (Bhubaneswar), ODM PublicSchool (Bhubaneswar), St Vincent’s Convent School (Balasore) andRavenshaw Junior College (Cuttack).

In the Senior Finals teams from CET (Bhubaneswar), NIT (Rourkela), IIT(Bhubaneswar), AIIMS (Bhubaneswar), VSSUT (Burla), KIIT University (Bhubaneswar), Silicon Institute of Technology (Bhubaneswar) and SCB Medical College (Cuttack) contested for top honours.

In the Junior Finals Mother’s Public School emerged champions. DAV(CDA) and DAV Pokhariput finished first and second runners-up respectively.

The Senior Finals was a thrilling affair with CET and KIIT involved in a see-saw battle. Quizmaster Venkatesh Srinivasan had to implement tie-breaker questions three successive times before the deadlock wasfinally broken and CET emerged triumphant for the second time in three years. KIIT University again had to be satisfied with the firstrunners-up spot while Silicon Univeristy of Technology finished second runners-up.